Funeral Advantage is a Final Expense insurance policy designed to help you pay for your funeral expenses.

The Funeral Advantage Program has two key components: The Cash Insurance Benefit and Family Support Services. The Cash Insurance Benefit is a final expense policy provided by Lincoln heritage Life Insurance Company to help cover the cost of your funeral. The Family Support Services are provided by the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society to assist your loved ones with the details of a funeral after you pass away.The Funeral Advantage plan offers up to $20,000 of Final Expense insurance with a simple application. Anyone between the ages of 0 and 85 years of age may qualify and no medical exams are required (approval based on answers to medical questions on application). According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral in 2013 was around $8,000. This cost does not include the cemetery property which could push the price to well over $12,000!

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What is Funeral Planning?
Funeral planning is the process of creating your end-of-life plan with your final wishes, including your plan to pay for your funeral expenses. This planning contains details on how your family will spend the Final Expense insurance benefits on your funeral, including: Funeral service, cremation expenses, flowers, transportation expenses, food, entertainment, sermon fees, burial plot, cemetery fees and anything else that may arise. Funeral planning is your gift to your family and loved ones so they will not be burdened by the expense of your departure at a time when they are grieving your loss. Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage will provide the cash benefit upon your passing, ensuring your funeral is funded.

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